Anita Sugimura is a first-generation Asian American, award winning documentary filmmaker, writer, journalist and speaker, as well as a classically trained professional chef.

Writer, Director, Producer

Writer, Director and Producer on “Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence, a documentary that seeks to give voice to “the silence of what was unsaid” about war’s life-long consequences both on those who battle on the front lines as well as those who welcome them back home. 

Inspired by her own personal journey, Battlefield: Home was awarded the 2018 SAMHSA Mental Health Voice Award for Best Documentary for its focus on PTSD, trauma and coming home.


Anita is a former television news producer and reporter, with more than 14 years of news experience.

More recently, Anita has contributed to region-specific articles for The Rural Assembly and Center For Asian America Media (CAAM), as well as panelist for multiple podcasts dealing with military mental health.


Speaker / Advocate

A passionate Mental Health advocate, and American Psychological Assn. (APA) member, Anita has presented to audiences with UCLA Friends of Semel Institute of Neuroscience & Behavior, the UC Neurotrauma conference, the Birdwell Foundation of Arkansas and several Veteran Affairs and military organizations.

Anita has undergraduate degrees in culinary arts, sociology and psychology, as well as a Master of Science in International Conflict Analysis & Resolution. Her thesis on PTSD, TBI and the ripple effect of mental trauma became the inspiration for her award-winning documentary, Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence.


Camera Operator for Women in Film & Television of Louisiana Short documentary, “Eden House.”

Military Liaison – Pickin’ & Grinnin’

Transportation Coordinator – The Amazing Race